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RJ's Mission Foundation Logo White


Fueled by faith, fire, and fight, we are on a mission to serve those who serve us through awareness, advocacy, and support.

  • Faith in coming together as neighbors to care for those who care for us. 

  • Fire to tirelessly advocate for and act on the needs of those who serve us. 

  • Fight to never waiver nor cease until each and every service member feels surrounded and supported by their community.

This is our pledge to serving our Veterans and first responders.

RJ’s Mission Foundation’s mission is to give those in service: Veterans, active-duty members, first responders, and their families life’s most basic necessities.  Our mission focuses on providing food, clothing, and supplies to our military and first responder communities. RJ’s Mission Foundation quality lifestyle apparel allows you to wear your support with net proceeds invested into our foundation dedicated to supporting our Veterans, active-duty members, first responders, and their families.


As relationships grow with our neighbors and colleagues, RJ’s Mission Foundation will drive and direct volunteer, collaboration, and contribution opportunities through our dynamic local network.


Our vision is clear – empower each community member to connect with, contribute and care for our service members and beyond.

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