What does the Veteran food distribution mean to me?

RJ’s Mission started with a personal mission to get myself involved with the local community helping to support our local Charleston Veterans. I had no idea where to begin except to search and reach out to non-profits in the search criteria. Where better to start than with Professor Google? Once I went through a few links to other non-profits, I found Soldiers’ Angels.

I have never been shy about showing up or signing up and doing it alone. I signed up through their website and showed up. I continuously seek ways to give back and support those who served. The beginning of RJ’s Mission started, and the giving back part of our mission was born. My mission is to help and change the life of another with support and thanks.

Once a month, Soldiers’ Angels have a Veteran food distribution at the local Elk Club in Charleston, SC. I showed up, and the rest fell into place. I was pulling into the parking lot, and like anything else, I felt worried, and I was not quite sure. I had butterflies, but my attitude was at ease. I could not stop feeling the emotions of gratitude and giving thanks even before I talked to anyone there.


I jumped right in with the meat tent assignment, and no matter how the meat smelled or wet it got from defrosting in the hot sun, it was an amazing feeling to begin my new path. I began to forget about the work I was doing with the team and felt gratitude for preparing the food for those we needed to serve. Then the line of cars began rolling in, and I realized how significant the food was for the families coming through the line. The first veteran family came driving up to our station, which was first.

As I put the meat in the car, I could walk around and thank the Veterans and their family. The action of thanking them becomes overwhelming when you stop to realize you wouldn’t have the freedom and privilege to do so without their sacrifice. My mission begins with changing the life of another, and it includes an entire family. The purpose has so much passion and fulfillment inside you; that is how it becomes your mission.

During the Veteran food distribution, I met many great people and realized there are many like-minded people like me. This event is just the beginning of my journey to helping and supporting those that serve and to keep giving back each day as if it was the last. I met folks from a local church, Coastal Community Church, which focused primarily on outreach. This helped me find guidance and the significance of having others in the community doing the same thing. The way I saw the community come together in a time of need for our Veterans and their families is encouraging and empowering, but it doesn’t stop here. I must live each day helping others and spreading the word for awareness and support.