How did the turkey day meal change our foundation?

The beginning of the giving season was upon us, and it would be the first for our foundation. I was excited because I had no idea what I was doing or how I would do it. My plan of attack was let’s be prepared, so I had marketing materials created, and we were ready to begin my old-school approach. I was a door-to-door salesman walking into a local business here on Johns Island, SC. I had no idea what to expect, but the response was overwhelmingly positive.

I dropped off about 30 folders full of details and hoping to obtain one or two sponsors. My philosophy is “go big or go home,” I have nothing to lose as we are starting with no sponsors. Our foundation managed to gather lots of support and five sponsors. It was time to continue emailing local businesses to see what extra we could do and maybe get help with food for our Veterans’ meals at Patriot Villas. Our goal was to provide one prepared lunch a month, and we accomplished that and more. What came next was a blessing in disguise.


Zeppelin Pizza Company, a local restaurant, responded to our email the week before Thanksgiving. They were providing a “pay as you can” turkey dinner on Thanksgiving and looking for a local nonprofit to donate the proceeds collected. I was ecstatic about the opportunity and didn’t see what was coming.

I showed up at Zeppelin’s on Thanksgiving with swag and information about RJ’s Mission Foundation, not having any expectations. I want to spread the word about how we are helping our Veterans in need. To my surprise, the interest in what the foundation is doing was incredible. Zeppelin’s support and the local community there on Thanksgiving were only beginning a new partnership. Our foundation received $500 in donations and new future collaborations with Zeppelin.

I could never tell Zeppelin how thankful I am for their hospitality and generosity. From that day forward, RJ’s Mission Foundation established its stepping stones in the community. Our Mission is simple. We are here to provide the necessities of life to our Veterans in need. RJ’s Mission is here to serve our heroes.